Shippr specialises in providing end-to-end intra-city logistics services across industries such as Ecommerce, Apparel, Furniture, Publishing, Large Appliances, FMCG, Automotive, Food, Electronics, Engineering and Manufacturing, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Infra.

Logistics Services Offered by Shippr

Customized Transportation Solutions

Shippr is a pioneer in organizing and providing customised first mile, middle mile and last mile transportation solutions in the intra-city segment. We use well established project management principles and methodologies to understand a customer’s needs and develop the required customised solution. We then use smart technology, field staff and our vast delivery network to execute the solution.

Shippr also incorporates best practices in delivering these solutions, so as to ensure superior customer experience - One of the reasons why we see so much repeat business. Our tried and tested service delivery methodologies make us one of the most preferred transportation service providers for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and large businesses alike.

Warehousing and Distribution

This solution is aimed at manufacturers and large retailers whose number of delivery points are massive, vary on a daily basis and chances of repeated attempts of delivery are expected to be high. For such businesses, we offer the facilities of our warehouses and proprietary logistics optimization software, backed by the delivery network and the usual Shippr service delivery methodologies. In line with Shippr’s Customer First approach, the Warehousing and Distribution service is also fully customizable to a customer’s needs.

Shippr’s Warehousing and Distribution management solutions are used by some of the largest ecommerce companies in India. We ensure high precision and on-time delivery through a combination of manual and automatic tracking methods. Shippr’s Warehousing and Distribution solution.

Plug and Play Logistics

Expand your reach with Shippr’s delivery network! This solution allows customers to use our existing delivery network across various cities in India to expand their reach and market share.

Shippr’s Plug-and-Play-Logistics solution provides customers all the benefits of an intra-city logistics set up where Shippr has the responsibility of storage, warehousing, route planning, coordination and delivery.